Fraud Prevention Tips and Videos

Fraud Prevention Tips and Videos:

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Individual Videos:
Introduction to Security Tips

Device Security Overview

Web Browser Security

Computer & Mobile OS Updates

Virus Protection

User Security

Login Security

Phone Scams

Phishing Scams

Important Documents

Business Banking Security

Employee & Insider Fraud

Mail & Wire Scams

Business Loan Scams

Business Insurance Scams

  • Never share your banking information or login credentials with someone by phone, text, or email (even when they are told it is someone from your institution). This includes their Username, Password, Security Question Answers, and Out of Band Authentication Codes.
  • Set up account alerts, specifically security alerts, to verify and monitor account activity.
  • Access your accounts and review all communications shared by your institution on a regular basic.
  • Use longer, unique passwords or 12–16-digit password phrases.
  • Remember that “too good to be true” deals are just that and usually a scam.
  • Fraudsters will play on their emotions and goodness of heart to acquire their personal and financial information.
  • Use debit/credit card chip instead of swiping when possible.
  • Never respond to OOBA authentication phone calls or text that they did NOT initiate.
  • Always store their debit and credit cards in a place that isn’t susceptible to theft.
  • Contact your financial institution IMMEDIATELY and change all passwords and security questions if they ever feel their digital credentials or financial information has been compromised.

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